A token inspired by the new generation.
NEXT TOKEN is a “passive” token which rewards Holders directly in BNB !
Indeed, every day you receive a certain percentage of reward in BNB, you just have to wait.








Liquidity locked

The liquidity pool is locked and can’t be withdrawn by team members for more than 2 years.

Automatic payment every day

If you hold at least 0,25% of NEXT TOKEN, you will automatically receive your reward in BNB each day.

7% BNB rewards

7% of each transaction is debited and redistributed to all holders. Hold NEXT TOKEN, earn passive income in BNB.
0,25% of tokens required.

Good Marketing

We have a great marketing plan to promote the token. 3% of transactions are instantly exchanged in BNB to be used in marketing.


An additional 2% fee is applied to all sales. This will allow us to reduce swing-trading.

Auto swap

All fees are swapped for BNB instantly to limit the risk of dumping. We try to absorb the fall effect with this solution.


Read the white paper

It’s common not to read the white paper before acquiring tokens, however we strongly recommend that you take a look at it and familiarize yourself with the project associated with the NEXT TOKEN.
Please be aware that we don’t give any financial advice and that you are responsible for your decisions in the event of speculation on the price of the token.
The white paper will walk you through our commitments and goals, so take a few minutes to read it in its entirety before purchasing NEXT TOKEN.


Discover the listings to come or already made

We’re aware that it’s important to be referenced on the largest token listings.
We’re therefore working to achieve this goal to the best of our ability.
Be careful, however, we cannot guarantee a result because it depends on the goodwill of the platforms themselves.

How does the token work?


Tokenomics is the study of how cryptocurrencies work within a larger ecosystem.

This includes things like the distribution of tokens as well as how they can be used to induce positive behavior in the network.

We invite you to discover our Tokenomics in order to understand the workings of NEXT TOKEN.

All the details of how our token works, as well as explanations of our choices are visible on the Tokenomics page.

  • Transaction fees : 15% 100% 100%
  • HOLDERS REWARD : 7% 46.7% 46.7%
  • LIQUIDITY POOL : 3% 20% 20%
  • Marketing : 3% 20% 20%
  • TEAM : 2% 13% 13%

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@NextToken official

@NxtToken official

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