A token inspired by the new generation.

NEXT TOKEN (NXT) is a back-to-back token with the objective of creating a platform connecting influencers to businesses.

Security & Trust

The liquidity pool is locked in for life.
In addition, all fees are exchanged for BNB to limit the risk of dumping.

The importance of marketing

We have an excellent marketing plan to promote the token. 3% of transactions are instantly redeemed in BNB to be used in marketing


Read the white paper

It is common not to read the white paper before purchasing tokens, however we strongly recommend that you take a look at the white paper and learn about the NEXT TOKEN project.
Please note that we do not provide financial advice and you are responsible for your decisions in the event of speculation on the token price.
The white paper will explain our commitments and objectives, so please take a few minutes to read it in full before purchasing NEXT TOKEN.


Discover the listings already made.

We are well aware that it is important to be listed on the largest token listings.
We are working to achieve this goal to the best of our ability.
Below you will find the listings we have already made.

How does the token work?


Tokenomics is the study of how crypto-currencies work within a wider ecosystem.

This includes things like the distribution of tokens as well as how they can be used to incentivise positive behaviour in the network.

We invite you to explore our Tokenomics to understand the workings of NEXT TOKEN.

Full details of how our token works, as well as explanations of our choices, can be found on the Tokenomics page.

  • Transaction fees : 1% 100% 100%


Important reminder 

Our approach to security

As we have repeatedly told you, we are not able to guarantee or control the price of the token.

We also remind you that we do not encourage pure speculation!
A project is associated with the token, we invite you to read the white paper carefully.

We are making sure that this new type of token is realised in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, in order to achieve our project.