How many NXT are in circulation?

100% of the offering was released at launch on September 18, 2021, which is 100,000,000,000 NXT tokens.

The team decided not to keep any tokens for the simple reason that we have set up a transaction fee that is automatically converted to NXT which is enough for the team to develop the project.

At the time of purchase, a 15% fee is charged:

– 10% for the liquidity pool
– 3% for marketing
– 2% for the team and employees

On the selling side, 17% of which 2% is added for the liquidity pool.

Please note: Selling fees are also charged when transferring between wallets.




  • TRANSACTION FEES : 15% 100% 100%
  • LIQUIDITY POOL : 10% 70% 70%
  • Marketing : 3% 20% 20%
  • TEAM : 2% 13% 13%

The key to success

Tokenomics is what conditions the functioning of a token.
If the tokenomics is good, then the token is likely to be successful.


Fees and rewards must be calculated wisely in order to obtain a viable tokenomics.
So beware of the big rewards that are impossible to guarantee !


It’s obviously very important to scrupulously respect tokenomics.
It’s a commitment between the token team and the community.

Our goals

What we are trying to do

Achievable goals

Although it’s impossible for us to certify the success of the token, we try through this tokenomics to set ourselves achievable goals.

Limit the risk of falling

We can’t control the price of the token, but we can try to limit the risk of a sharp drop by offering a suitable tokenomics.

More details about NEXT TOKEN Tokenomics

In order to better understand the Fees and mechanisms of the NEXT TOKEN, here is our detailed explanations point by point and in full transparency.

15% Fees by transaction ?

At first glance it may seem that the fees are high, which can be a deterrent.
However, when you understand why we charge 15% for all transactions, then what seems to be a bad thing is actually a good thing.

10% in the liquidity pool ?

The solidity of the project depends on a sufficiently well-funded liquidity pool to be able to pay investors wishing to sell their tokens, while minimising the price impact of a sale.

3% for Marketing ?

Marketing is essential to the development of the token, the more the corresponding wallet will be filled and the more it will be possible to collaborate with known influencers with a significant impact (Yes! Influencers have to be paid! They too have set-up costs, a team to pay and why not a profit for their work).
It is in the general interest to perform well in the marketing campaign, which is easy to do with the right budget and the right skills.

2% for the team ?

They pay themselves for their work! 2% more, they drive Lamborghinis for sure.
Unfortunately these statements are not true at the moment…
First of all, you should know that we want to be as transparent as possible and not hide the remuneration by coupling it with another wallet such as the marketing wallet for example.
We also have no NEXT TOKEN and rely on this 2% to pay us.
And finally, don’t forget the work time of a whole team and the costs incurred for the creation of the token without any guarantee of success (filling the liquidity pool, paying the first influencers with our own funds, developing the site and the platform …).

Why additional fees for resale ? 

Unlike the 15% fees applicable for all transactions, the 2% additional fees are only chargeable when reselling your NEXT TOKEN.

2% on resale ?

Is the carrot not enough? Then it’s the stick that will dissuade you.
The 2% resale fee encourages NEXT TOKEN holders to hold rather than leave the project.
If you sell your NEXT TOKENs because you have speculated (we do not encourage this) and feel you have made enough money, then the tiny 2% will not bother you much and will feed the liquidity pool.

Important reminder

Our approach to security

As we have repeatedly told you, we are not able to guarantee or control the price of the token.

We also remind you that we do not encourage pure speculation!
A project is associated with the token, we invite you to read the white paper carefully.

We are making sure that this new type of token is realised in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, in order to achieve our project.