How many NXT are in circulation?

100% of the offering was released at launch on September 18, 2021, which is 100,000,000,000 NXT tokens.

At the time of purchase and selling, a 1% fee is charged




  • TRANSACTION FEES : 1% 100% 100%

The key to success

Tokenomics is what conditions the functioning of a token.
If the tokenomics is good, then the token is likely to be successful.


Fees and rewards must be calculated wisely in order to obtain a viable tokenomics.
So beware of the big rewards that are impossible to guarantee !


It’s obviously very important to scrupulously respect tokenomics.
It’s a commitment between the token team and the community.

Our goals

What we are trying to do

Achievable goals

Although it’s impossible for us to certify the success of the token, we try through this tokenomics to set ourselves achievable goals.

Limit the risk of falling

We can’t control the price of the token, but we can try to limit the risk of a sharp drop by offering a suitable tokenomics.

Important reminder

Our approach to security

As we have repeatedly told you, we are not able to guarantee or control the price of the token.

We also remind you that we do not encourage pure speculation!
A project is associated with the token, we invite you to read the white paper carefully.

We are making sure that this new type of token is realised in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, in order to achieve our project.