White paper

The white paper is a document that presents the objectives associated with the creation of the token, as well as the steps planned to achieve them.
It’s a commitment that our team makes towards the community and will have to respect.

Take the time to read our white paper before obtaining NEXT TOKEN, it is the basis of the token and the reason for its creation.

What’s the objective associated with the creation of the NEXT TOKEN?

The NEXT TOKEN is a token whose objective is to allow the creation of a networking platform between influencers and companies.
Several observations are in order and allow us to better understand the usefulness of such a platform.

It’s obvious that influencers have an important power and that they are today essential in order to carry out a good Marketing campaign.
As proof, the majority of the NEXT TOKEN community comes from presentations made by influencers.

On the companies side, you should know that the marketing aspect is crucial for their economic development.
Today, in an era where there are many digital agencies and companies are fighting each other on the web, it is important to be able to stand out from your competitors in an effective way.

From these findings, it seemed obvious to us that a platform connecting influencers (supply) and companies (demand) would be of definite use.
The social or connected commerce market, already estimated at 89.4 billion dollars in 2021, is growing, strongly pushed by the Covid-19 pandemic forcing the digitalization of many companies.


What are the differences with existing platforms ?


This kind of platform offering the connection between influencers and business already exists, it’s therefore legitimate to wonder what it will bring more in order to stand out from the competition.
There will be many differences with the current platforms, but the two main ones that we can reveal to you are simple.

All Influencers will be rated by an algorithm taking various parameters into account, as well as the opinions of companies that have already used their services.
Generally an influencer is classified according to the number of its subscribers, its categories and the network on which it undertakes.
However, this ranking system is incomplete and sometimes allows certain influencers to be paid a high price when their performance is not up to the investment.
And conversely, some influencers with a small but strong community are not appreciated at their fair value.
Our algorithm aims to make a fair sorting and ranking of the very many existing influencers, allowing companies to find the ideal influencer at the right price !

The second big difference between the NEXT TOKEN platform and competing platforms is quite logical, it will accept crypto-asset payments.
Indeed, our team is not only passionate about digital tokens and blockchain, it is also convinced of the promising future that awaits them.

Accepting tokens as a means of payment is a way to get ahead of our competitors, while achieving a significant marketing stunt.

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Important reminder

Our approach to security

As we have told you several times, we’re not able to guarantee or control the price of the token.

We also remind you that we do not encourage outright speculation!
A project is associated with the token, we invite you to read the white paper carefully.

We make sure to realize this new type of tokens in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, in order to realize our project.